About Us — Down to Earth Beauty – Down to Earth Beauty LLC


Down to Earth Beauty believes in effective and affordable skincare for all skin types. We create our products to help our earthly beauties feel more confident in their skin. 
We only use natural ingredients powered by botanical extracts, and are 100% cruelty free. We manifest the importance of skincare and self love while keeping everything cute, fun, and budget-friendly!

As a small business, we only offer the best handcrafted, all natural skincare products. Many of our ingredients are organic and pure. We always test the products on ourselves first before releasing them.

Our body care products contain unrefined + natural + raw butters. All fragrances used are PHTHALATE-FREE!

Everything is made in small batches to ensure the quality of each item.

We are Asian American + 100% Women Owned!



We understand that many healthcare workers’ lives are being affected by this devastating pandemic. For risking your lives and saving others, we would like to offer all healthcare workers a 15% discount code for any purchase from our site.

In order to receive the discount code, just simply email us at info@downtoearth-beauty.com and send a photo of your ID badge before making your purchase. This code does not expire and will be there for you to use anytime you want to purchase from us!

- xo, Down to Earth Beauty Team